Mandirs & Temples in India through centuries have remained the epicentre of most of the social and  cultural life and activities and not just that it even played catalyst role even for survival of communities as well.
The imposing existence of the deity, the sanctity and cleanliness of the arena have a compelling effect on any congregation to wholesome submission and that is why any association or trust connected with a temple can maintain its unity, discipline and urge for selfless service from its members .

The History of Purbanchal Kalibari is synonymous to History of New Ashok Nagar and adjoining areas The first Welfare Association of the area formerly known as “PCWA – Purbanchal Cultural Welfare Association”. The history of Purbanchal Kalibari speaks that how a handful of person came forward and how they took an unanimous decision in a pre-noon meeting during the winter of 1975 to establish a Kali temple in this picturesque spot with the chanting Hindon Canal with Wild Ducks, beautiful wild crane and the Kikars all along the river banks was the replica of nothing but a “Fairy Land”.

To make an Immediate beginning some members headed by Late Shri Bireshwar Chakraborty (Our Founder Secretary) a pioneer figure among the group made efforts to purchase the land in the year of 1976 and it was in the same year Purbanchal Cultural Welfare Association was formed and was registered in the year 1978.
However RWA & Purbanchal Kalibari always acted independently.

The First Kalipuja was held in October of 1979 under the Banner of Kalipuja Committee with Shri T.K.  Chatterjee as CONVENOR, Shri P.K.  Moitra as PRESIDENT , Late Shri B Chakraborty as GENERAL SECRETARY  and Shri B.K. Chaterjee as TRESURER. It was repeated next year and since then we never looked back.

March 15th  1981  turned out to be Red letter day for the residents of New Ashok Nagar & adjoining areas as Kalibari was inaugurated with Pran Pratistha of Idol of Maa Kali.
This was first Kalibari to came up in this region or rather in this part of Delhi /NCR.

This was the same year of 1981 for the 1st time Durga Puja was celebrated under the visionary leadership of Late. Shri B. Chakraborty as PRESIDENT and  Shri Amalendu Shekhar Bhattachraya as GENRAL SECRETARY. Since then we never looked back and every year Durga Puja was celebrated.

It was since then Kalibari remained epicentre of all development works across the New Ashok Nagar. People associated with Kalibari also played a catalyst role in saving, nurturing & developing the colony in initial year of its establishment.  Purbanchal Kalibari in coordination with the 1st RWA of the area PCWA – Purbanchal Cultural Welfare Association along with members played a vital role in ensuring basic amenities Electricity and Water connections to all residents. It was this holy premise that always hosted multiple events and camps weather its related to Electricity meter Connection, Water & other Civic Amenities, House Tax Collection.

Apart from all these since 1999 Purbanchal Kalibari Samity in co-ordination with Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi has been running a Charitable medical camp for all and Child Vaccination Camp from their premises.

Community Kitchen, Cultural Session &  Discourse, Pulse Polio Camp, Tree Plantation Camp has been an integral Part of their Annual Calendar for close to last 4 decades.
Purbanchal Kalibari Samity is also planning to open Dharmashala in its premises to accommodate devotees and other visitors (It will also help the family members of Patients visiting Nearby Dharmshila Cancer Hospital) and also number of other visitor including students who come to national capital for various examinations etc.   Any help/ donation in completion of this dream project that will benefit hoards of  people is  always welcome.

Purbanchal Kalibari Samity being a Socio – Cultural Organisation is also planning to open a Library cum Reading Room in its premises for all. Any Help / Donation in terms of Books etc is most welcome.